Recruitment and Retention
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Quality Educators Matter
Recent research confirms what educators have always known: educators matter. But there are growing challenges to staffing schools with top-quality educators. Challenges can be attributed to educator attrition through retirement or educators leaving the field, a shortage of new educators, and the changing nature of teaching. All of these conditions put a strain on the ability of Arizonaís schools to attract, hire, and keep the kind of educators who make a difference for student achievement.


Educator Attrition
Some educator attrition is inevitable. Educators transfer to other schools, they retire, they leave for personal reasons (such as illness or to care for family members), and a small number are dismissed from jobs. Of concern are the growing numbers who leave the profession, especially those who leave after only a couple of years, for reasons other than those just mentioned.


Educator Supply
National and local data point to the disparity between the number of new educators needed now and for the future and those preparing for and entering the field. This disparity, along with the alarming rates of attrition for new educators, suggests that there will be more competition among school districts for qualified educators, particularly in regions with increasing populations. This will be felt hardest in the areas of mathematics, science, special education, and related services.


Cost for Losing Educators
As schools work to maintain a high-quality educator workforce, the loss of an educator has a high costónot just a monetary loss, but also a loss for student achievement.