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Navajo County - NE Arizona - Zone 2

Navajo County is located in the northern and eastern parts of Arizona. As of the 2010 census, its population was 107,449. Navajo County contains parts of the Hopi Indian reservation, the Navajo Nation, and Fort Apache Indian Reservation. 

Kayenta, founded in 1909 as a trading post, and now the gateway to the Navajo Tribal Park at Monument Valley is a thriving Navajo community. Farther south is the Hopi Indian Reservation, which is completely surrounded by the Navajo Reservation. The Hopi Pueblo of Oraibi is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited settlements in the United States.

Hopi Indian Reservation                founded in 1909 as a trading post

Two distinct areas make up the county, divided by the Mogollon Rim. The northern portion is dry and desert-like. The southern section is more mountainous with forests of piņon, juniper, and Ponderosa pine. The county has the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in North America.

Due to the diversity and breadth of the county geographic area, the climate varies greatly. The White Mountains have true winter weather and comfortable summers. The lower desert areas are warm with little or no snow in the winter.

climate varies greatly

Navajo County - NE Arizona - Zone 2

Total area: 9,959.49 square miles
Land area: 9,953.18
 square miles
Water area: 6.31 square miles

Water area: 6.31 square miles

Although 66 percent of the land area of Navajo County is federally designated for Indian reservations, many small cities and towns are located here.  

many small cities and towns are located here                 Wide Open Spaces                Land area: 9,953.18 square miles 

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