Great Arizona Teach-In
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Take advantage of advertising opportunities.
Publish your open positions on our free Arizona Education Employment Board website

Publish an advertisement on the Exhibitor Registration form.

Complete the available positions section on the Exhibitor Registration form.

Take advantage of check-in and booth set-up the day before the event.
Give yourself an easy start the day of the event.



Greet candidates when they approach your exhibit.

Remember why you are there and be a good host.
Introduce yourself, shake each candidate’s hand, start a conversation.

Always accept paper résumés.

Accept résumés, even if candidates must apply online.
Use résumés to start conversations or pre‐screening.

Plan on doing pre‐screening or interviews.

Interview tables are available for all exhibitors.
Candidates are coming from all over the country just for this event.


             HOW TO HIRE AT THE 

Have two recruiters at your booth.

Meet and greet the candidates.
Use résumés to start conversations, as a means of pre‐screening.
Determine if the candidates could be a match for open positions.

Schedule on‐site interviews.

Give candidates a time to return for an interview.
Have two or three decision‐makers available to do the interviews.

Give on‐site interviews.

Booth recruiter introduces candidate to interviewer.
Interviewer escorts candidate to available interview tables.
Be prepared to offer a letter of intent or schedule follow‐up interview.
Walk candidate back to booth and take next scheduled candidate.