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Include copies of your AEPA/ETS test score reports with your résumés. School personnel will want to see them, so this will show that you are organized and prepared.

Test score reports are necessary to apply for Arizona certification. If you intend to complete the certification process at the Great Arizona Teach-In, you must have a copy of your test score reports with you.

The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments® (AEPA®) were designed to ensure that each certified teacher or administrator has the necessary knowledge to teach or lead in Arizona public schools. Certification rules require that applicants for Arizona teacher certification pass both a test of subject knowledge and a test of professional knowledge. 

Beginning in March 2013, new subject knowledge tests will be required in some fields for Arizona teacher certification. Read more…

If you would like more information about proficiency assessments and certification, please visit the Arizona Department of Education Certification page: