Great Arizona Teach-In


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                DAY OF THE EVENT

Day of the Teach-In         Candidate         Dress for success!

Dress for success! A first impression is a lasting one. 

Arrive early, as interview times fill up quickly. You want to be sure that you are among the first candidates to meet the recruiters of your top choices. 

Smile and show your confidence. You are a qualified candidate.

Stay positive. Expect there to be many candidates and long lines at some districts and charters.

After meeting with recruiters at your top choices, check out the rest of the booths. You may find a new possibility!

                DAY OF THE EVENT

Signup at the Teach-In

Follow your plan. Use the booth map to locate your top five choices, and focus on those targets.

Be assertive. Smile and make eye contact with each recruiter as you introduce yourself. 

Tell recruiters that you completed their online applications and give them your résumé. Give a brief “commercial” about you and your qualifications.

Ask what the hiring procedures are and what the deadline is for filling the position you want.

                DAY OF THE EVENT

Be enthusiastic!

Be enthusiastic. Recruiters are looking for people who love teaching and who want to help students achieve.

Think about the questions before answering. Stay focused and give clear, concise answers.

Emphasize your assets and accomplishments. 

Explain why you want to work at that particular district or charter school.

Know what the next step is before leaving the interview.