Great Arizona Teach-In
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             BEFORE THE EVENT

Before the Teach-In

o Make a list of the schools that you want to see at the event. 

o Review the websites of the schools that interest you and that have openings for your qualifications. 

o Complete online applications for those schools that require that as the first step in their hiring process. Recruiters will be impressed and more interested in talking with you, knowing that you took the initiative to submit your application in advance. 

o Create a flawless résumé that reflects your knowledge,  qualifications, and experience. Make copies of your résumé for recruiters and AEPA/NES test score reports, if applicable, to bring to the event.

o Résumé reviewers will be available during the event to advise you on how to refine your résumé. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, it is recommended that you have your résumé on a flash drive. Computers and printers will be available to finalize and print your résumé.