Great Arizona Teach-In
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                AFTER THE EVENT

Write a thank you note to the recruiters from your top choices for 

      Remember to say Thanks Thank them for their time and interest.
      Qualifications Remind them of your qualifications and how well you fit the 
      I want to work in your district Express your reasons for wanting to work at their district or
         charter school.
      Remind them of who you are Include details that will remind them who you are.

Check out the Arizona Education Employment Board (AEEB) for additional job openings:

                AFTER THE JOB FAIR

Thinking Outside of the Box

Consider other options.

Have you always lived and worked in an urban area? 
Check out schools in a rural setting.

Have you always taught the same grade?
Change it up to qualify for more positions.

Have you always wanted your work to be an exciting new experience?
Apply for positions on an Indian reservation.

Have you always wanted to be a part of school choice?
Apply for positions at charter schools.